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How to make money through Arbitrage? 
How to make money through Arbitrage? 
Is Bitcoin Arbitrage Legal?
Introduction To Crypto Currency Arbitrage
Continuing the series of articles on Abitrage
#The Idea behind Crypto Currency Arbitrage

How to make money through Arbitrage? 

This method is very simple:

1. We are looking for cryptocurrencies with different prices on different platforms.

2. We buy coins that offer the lowest price on the exchange.

3. We transfer the purchased coins to the exchange with the highest price.

4. We sell and make a profit.

Now, I found that the price of TRX on Singapore’s BBEX exchange is higher than that of Binance, so we can take advantage of this opportunity to arbitrage. At present, about one arbitrage can get about 10-15% profit.

Arbitrage only takes 30 minutes at a time. If you want to learn, you must meet the following 3 requirements before you can join the learning:

1. Have a strong desire to make money and want to make more money

2. Recognize the value of cryptocurrency

3. Keep the knowledge you learned confidential and keep others from knowing it.

Meet the above 3 conditions, welcome to learn!

Operation process of arbitrage trading see vi

Step 1: Buy USDT on Binance

I believe that many people will buy USDT because it is very simple. If you don’t know it yet, you can watch the video tutorial and click on the link below to learn.

Binance buy USDT tutorial link:

Step 2: Exchange USDT for TRX

After you buy USDT, click [Transaction] in Binance, [Select Spot TRX/USDT], and then buy all TRX coins.

Step 3: Withdraw TRX to BBEX exchange

Copy BBEX’s TRX deposit address, paste it into the Binance withdrawal address field, select the network [TRC20], enter the quantity and password, and the withdrawal will be successful.

PS: Network selection TRC20

Step 4: Sell TRX on the BBEX exchange

Click [Transaction] → select TRX/USDT trading pair, click [Price] → click [100%] → click [Sell], you can sell all TRX to USDT.

Step 5: Calculate your profit, and then withdraw USDT to Binance

①First calculate how much money you have earned, and then withdraw USDT to Binance, and continue arbitrage. The profit was 109USDT.

②Open Binance, click USDT to deposit, select the network TRC20, and copy the wallet address of the deposit.

③ Then open the BBEX exchange, click on assets, find USDT, click on withdraw, and then paste the wallet address of Binance just now, enter the full amount, enter the password, and you can withdraw USDT to Binance.

PS: BBEX limits an account can only withdraw 3 times a day, so we can only arbitrage 3 times a day in an account, and can continue to arbitrage 3 times the next day. If the 4th withdrawal is made on the same day, it will be received at 09:00 the next day.

The above is the complete arbitrage tutorial. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can contact us at any time. I hope you can make stable profits every day.

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